Jettison ERAP!

While the French Revolution is seen as the model of people’s revolt against oppressive government in the 18th century, the EDSA Revolution is considered as the model peaceful revolt against despotism and tyranny in the modern era. The EDSA revolution placed our country again in the map of the world; it gave us Filipinos a place in history that is worth remembering and emulating; and, it left an imprint, a powerful stimulus in the heart and soul of all freedom-loving people. Once again, it made us proud to proclaim, without fear or shame, that we are Filipinos.

Then came Eraption… and the entire nation came out laughing. It’s harmless… It’s only a joke! But now Eraption is no longer funny! It’s a horrendous nightmare! The simultaneous eruption of all of our country’s volcanoes would pale in comparison. It made us the laughing stock of the world! He is the Millennium Bug and he must be deleted, expelled, removed, impeached before it’s too late and while there is still some iota of dignity in being a Filipino. We owe it to the world and to posterity to cure the Philippines from this dreadful virus.

Last Friday, it was the virus let loose once again. The scene – the FOCAP Annual Luncheon Meeting with the President which was televised live. FOCAP stands for “Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines.” Dramatis personae – no less than the Millennium Bug himself and a troop of foreign correspondents. It was the first time the President had been interrogated, interpellated and cross-examined about the Juetenggate Scandal.

Act I: Correspondent: “Mr. President, since you already knew during your mahjong sessions that Gov. Singson is connected with jueteng operations, why did you not prosecute him?” Erap: “That’s not my job! That’s the job of the police!”

Act II: Correspondent: “Mr. President, do you consider resigning?” Erap: “That is against the Constitution.”

Act III: Correspondent: “Mr. President, can you tell us how much have you won in your mahjong games with Gov. Singson, et al.?” Erap: “I leave it to you to guess.”

While watching the President answer questions from the media, I felt great shame for being a Filipino. Was this the guy whom the Filipino people had voted in ‘98. Was this the guy, who promised to free the poor from the chain of life’s miseries?

The boat is sinking indeed and it is pulling us down. And worse, it is not only the boat of the Erap administration that is sinking but the entire nation! At least, we know what makes the boat heavy, what is making it sink – it is the Millennium bug itself. Of course, as in all cases of shipwreck, before thinking of abandoning the ship, the first remedy is to cast off overboard the useless and heavy loads. As such, let’s jettison the President!! Anyway, as texters say, he is only half-Filipino because the other half is alcohol!

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