Online Clinic & Coaching on Bar Exam Answering Techniques F.A.Q.’s

What is this Online Clinic & Coaching?

This is the original and the first individualized online workshop on the “Art of Answering Bar Exam Questions” for the Philippine Bar Examinations. It is based on the theory that passing the Bar Exams requires three L’s: Language, Logic and Law. However, what Bar takers usually focus on is a review of the Law only, often taking the other two L’s, Language and Logic, for granted. So, this online clinic seeks to supplement your regular Bar Review with individualized diagnostics and coaching on the proper way to answer Bar Exam essay problems and questions.

What is the goal?

The goal is not to teach you what the law is, but how to answer Bar Exam essay questions. It will be a clinic in the sense that we will try to diagnose and find solutions to your problems in answering Bar Exam questions, be they related to English grammar and composition, issue-spotting, logic and reasoning, or the way you present your answers.

Who conducts the clinic?

I single-handedly conduct the clinic based on my experience in teaching Bar Exam Techniques in different Bar review centers since 2002, and in checking thousands of exam notebooks as a law professor since 1998. I do not accredit others to do it to ensure the quality of the checking and critiquing of answers. I do this only on the side, and that’s why I can only accept a limited number of Bar takers or students depending on what my schedule allows.

How does it work?

The program normally consists of 12 exercises, which I will email one at a time with the corresponding instructions. After receiving your answers, I will give you feedback, comments, tips and suggestions based on your own unique problems.

What is the schedule?

It depends on your own time and schedule. You can register and begin the workshop any time it is convenient to you. If you submit your answers to the exercises promptly and regularly, you can complete the program in about 4 weeks. However, during the pre-Bar review months I prefer to conduct the clinic in batches as I can only accept a limited number that I can handle.

How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee is a one-time payment of P3,000 only. However, I reserve the right to change this rate at any time.

How to register?

You can register by text, PM, or email. Click “Sign Up” for instructions.

After submitting your registration, we will contact you within the day if you registered by text, or within a day or two if you registered by PM or email, to confirm availability of a slot, and for further instructions to complete your registration.

Is this a Bar Review?

No, this online clinic is not a Bar review. It’s purely an online workshop on answering Bar exam essay problems. I only discuss legal provisions and principles only insofar as they become relevant to the exercises. So, the focus of the coaching is on the presentation, grammar and reasoning used in answering, not much on the subjects or substance of the answers.

Should you be online at some specific time?

No, you can simply answer at your own convenience and time after receiving each exercise. There is no deadline in submitting answers so you are in control of your pacing.

Is this coaching also open to law students?

Yes, you have to learn the art of answering Bar exam questions as early as possible. The earlier you learn this art, the more you would become a master of it by the time you take the Bar Exam. However, this coaching requires that you already have a working knowledge of the fundamental concepts of Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Civil Law, and so you should at least be in your second year in law school.

Are suggested answers given?

Yes, when I give my feedback on your answers, I also give suggested answers. When the exercises given are actual Bar Exam questions, I also give an actual answer from a Bar topnotcher, which provides for a great learning experience.

Do the exercises follow the sequence of Bar subjects?

No, this is not a Bar review so the exercises do not follow the sequence of subjects in the Bar Exams. Instead, they follow a particular sequence of lessons and tips on the Art of Answering Bar Exam Questions. Each exercise also covers a different type of Bar question.

Is handwriting also checked?

Yes, if you think you have a problem with your handwriting & want me to have a look at it, then you may send me some samples of your handwriting like scanned copies of your previous exam booklets in law school, and I will give you my feedback and suggestions.

Should the exercises be answered based on stock knowledge only?

Ideally, you should answer the exercises based on your stock knowledge. However, if you find them difficult, you may always check your notes and study the applicable law and jurisprudence before answering. The purpose of this online clinic is not to test your legal knowledge and recall of legal provisions and principles, but your skill in answering questions the proper way. What’s important is that you close your notes and references during the actual writing of your answer.

Does my registration expire?

Technically, it does not expire. You may go slow or go fast depending on your own time and convenience. In case you get busy and you can’t answer the exercises regularly, you can simply stop for a while and just continue when you have the time. However, since I will be accepting another batch of enrollees for the following Bar Exam year, I expect you to finish the exercises within a year from signing up. But if you plan to defer, just inform me and we’ll move your coaching to another year.

Is there a guarantee that you will pass the Bar after this coaching?

No, there is no guarantee. Passing the Bar Exams involves a lot of variables. But this online clinic will help you improve on one of the important variables, that is, your skill in presenting your answer the topnotcher’s way.

Enrollees of my Online Coaching who successfully passed the 2014 Bar Exams:

  1. Alonzo, Katherine – Cor Jesu College
  2. Arellano, Alvin Anthony – Cagayan State University
  3. Atitiw, Victor Corpus – Louis University
  4. Aton, Carla Zoila – University of San Carlos
  5. Balt, Al-rashid – Mindanao State University
  6. Bareng, Shiel Joy – New Era University
  7. Birao, Emmanuel – University of San Carlos
  8. Brillantes, Constanza – University of Santo Tomas
  9. Chaguile, Michelle – Arellano University
  10. Co, Joahn – Far Eastern University
  11. Conde, Eduard – University of San Carlos
  12. De Guia, Anne Rose – University of Santo Tomas
  13. Doria, Loreto – Bohol Institute of Technology
  14. Dumalasa, Sean Paulo – University of Nueva Caceres
  15. Endaluz, Marie Jourgen – Ateneo de Manila
  16. Fernandez, Antonio Timothy – Louis University
  17. Galagar, Philip – Ateneo de Davao
  18. Hirang-Olave, Katrina Isabel – Lyceum of the Philippines
  19. Javiña-Rodriquez, Jean Violette – University of Perpetual Help
  20. Kalang-ad, Manuel – University of Cordilleras
  21. Laurito, Karen – Far Eastern University
  22. Lingao, Cherrylette – San Beda College
  23. Lo, Rhodora – University of St. La Salle
  24. Madrid, Kristoffer Gabriel – University of the Philippines
  25. Magbanua, Mary Angela – University of St. La Salle
  26. Mandigma-Aguila, Jenny – Arellano University
  27. Millena, Rebeca – San Beda College
  28. Monsanto-Nedamo, Kristine Athena – University of Cebu
  29. Moraña, Aimee – University of Northeastern Philippines
  30. Nepomuceno, Tarcila – Arellano University
  31. Nuega, Gregory Andan – University of San Jose-Recoletos
  32. Nuestro, Noel – University of Batangas
  33. Orcullo, Hazel Beth – Ateneo de Davao
  34. Pangan, Ma. Angela – Angeles University Foundation
  35. Quinto, Ramiila – San Beda College
  36. Saquilabon, Christian Lel – Far Eastern University
  37. Singco, Jon – University of San Carlos
  38. Suarez-Rotugal, Arra Jolly – University of Nueva Caceres
  39. Suyu, Richard – Cagayan State University
  40. Tabugon, Jonathan – Cor Jesu College

Enrollees of my Online Coaching who successfully passed the 2013 Bar Exams:

  1. Apdua, Arnold – University of the East
  2. Bautista, Alvin – Bulacan State University
  3. Borigas, Mickel – University of Batangas
  4. Busangilan, Mira Ciele – Bulacan State University
  5. Calimbas, Monica – Cor Jesu University
  6. Cortez, Ailyn – Arellano University
  7. Duque, Bernice Michelle – Silliman University
  8. Fernandez, Trisha Isabelle – University of the Philippines
  9. Kwok, Maris Donna – San Beda College
  10. Laiño, Arfil Joy – University of St. La Salle
  11. Lucero, Ian Kenneth – University of San Jose-Recoletos
  12. Nacua, Bernadine – University of San Carlos
  13. Pablo-Nepomuceno, Czarina – San Beda College
  14. Pe-Benito, Armi Christie – Saint Louis University
  15. Pichay, Olivia Emmanuelle – Ateneo de Manila University
  16. Roldan-Advincula, Michelle – Cor Jesu University
  17. Señor, Nes PatrickSan Beda College Alabang
  18. Silva, Julie Ann – University of Santo Tomas
  19. Tan, Ma. Donnabel – University of the Philippines
  20. Tepora, Marian – Perpetual Help College
  21. Uy, Herazeus Christine – University of Santo Tomas
  22. Villalobos, Maria Kamille – Lyceum University

About Me

I am a product of the public elementary school system in Minalin, Pampanga. I did not grow up speaking English as a 1st language. In fact, English was my weakest subject from my grade school to my pre-law years. But in my wish to steal a slot in the top 10 of the Bar Exams, I turned English into one of my strongest weapons in the Bar exams. I have found that answering Bar exam questions is an art. It is not an inborn skill. You must learn the techniques, rules and strategies and master them through constant practice and exercises. After learning the art and using it in law school, I have graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1997 with a grade point average of 1.33 from the University of St. La Salle in Bacolod City. And after mastering the art and using it in the Bar exams, I now hold the singular distinction of being the first Bar Topnotcher from La Sallian law school after placing 10th in the 1997 Bar Exams with a grade of 86.825.

3 thoughts on “Online Clinic & Coaching on Bar Exam Answering Techniques F.A.Q.’s

  1. I’m very interested in joining. I really want to improve my grammar as a natine Filipino muslim here in Central Mindanao, the subject is so much of importance.

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